Relocation and Referral Services

Last year, nearly 25% of our buyers moved here from out of the area. The national trend of corporate downsizing, reorganization, and consolidation has brought many people to Northern Colorado. Many others come here for the quality of life we enjoy.

If you are interested in moving into or out of Northern Colorado, our Relocation team can assist with matching you with the right Group agent to accomplish your goals.  Through our powerful connections, we can also assist you in finding the best agent for your needs anywhere in the US, Canada, or across the globe.  

The Group's  Relocation Department is also designed to assist companies in recruiting employees to this area. Our Relocation Director will happily assist with the corporate relocation process. We offer extensive, personalized relocation services and sales partners who are relocation specialists, trained and committed to relocating transferees into and out of Northern Colorado.


Kathleen Hollerbach, CRP, Relocation Director
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